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The difference between French vs European roulette

I’ve talked about French and European roulette being interchangeable with each other, but there is a difference between the two games. Legend says that roulette was invented in France, which is part of Europe, so many people assume it is the same game.

Both games use the same rules and both have a single zero, meaning the odds are better than the American version. The first difference is in the physical layouts of the table and wheel. In other versions, the wheel is usually on one side with a single table. In French roulette, the wheel is in between two tables. This fact makes it easier to spot in a casino. Also, the table is usually completely red and there are no black colors around the numbers, even though they are considered black. This is just part of the style and original version of the game.

As for the bets, everything is the same as the European version, except for a few additional types of bets that can work to your advantage. You may have come across the term “La Partage”. This is a rule that is nearly identical to the “En Prison” rule where a player will lose only half the bet when the ball lands on zero. I wrote about En Prison in an earlier post and you can read the full details of it here.

The biggest difference between the two game variations is that the French version has “call bets”. They are specific pre-made bets where players can bet on special groups of numbers ordered by their physical position on the wheel. I listed a few of the major call bets below with their original French names and translated into English:

Voisins du Zero – Neighbors of Zero: This bet covers 17 numbers surrounding the zero on the wheel as well as the zero itself.

Jeu Zero – Zero Game: This is similar to “Neighbors of Zeros” bet, but you are selecting only 7 numbers around zero and including zero.

Tiers du Cylindre – Third of the Wheel: This bet covers one third of the numbers on the wheel. Basically it’s the 12 numbers that are opposite of the zero slot.

Orphelins – Orphans: This is a bet on all of the numbers that were not included in the “Third of the Wheel” and “Neighbor of Zero” bet, which includes 8 numbers.

Finales – Finals: These are final bets that use the final digits of each number as a way to coordinate the bet. For example, if the player announces “Finales 5”, The numbers 5, 15, 25 and 35 would be wagered on. This would be allowed for any other number as well. Sometimes you are betting on 3 or 4 numbers at a time depending on which digit you select.

I hope this good Wikipedia image below will illustrate where these numbers are in respect to the positions on the wheel:
French Roulette Call Bet Numbers

If you are interested in this game and want to practice and try out these bets, play our free flash French roulette game with no download required, or go to CasinoMax

How to play Royale Roulette online

In case you were wondering what Royale roulette was, it’s actually a variation of European roulette. There is no major differences in the way the game is played and there is usually a single zero. The only thing different that makes this game Royale is the fact that players have a chance to win a progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot that slowly builds up as more people play, sort of like the huge jackpots found in slot machines that are hooked up to a network.

Typically, Royale roulette is found online where all the bets and wagers are processed electronically. Otherwise it would be hard trying to split up money and putting it into the ticker at a land based casino where players are using solid chips. This jackpot is fairly nice and can sometimes reach over a hundred thousand dollars. It has been known that the jackpot can sometimes reach over a million dollars but it is very rare and doesn’t happen often.

When a player places one of the classic bets, they will be allowed to make an additional side bet. Usually this is only $1 or it could be required to be as large as the basic normal bets that you are doing. All of the side bet money goes into the pot, which grows progressively over time when more player take this wager. In order to claim the jackpot, the ball must land on the same number 5 times in a row and that player must be making a side bet every time. If this happens, the player will win the massive jackpot. Also, it doesn’t matter what number is chosen, as long as any number comes up 5 times in a row, you will win. Still, the odds are slim that this will happen, but the payout of money is massive. Many players love this game, especially roulette fans who play the game often.

If you are interested in this game, you can find and play Royale Roulette at CasinoMax.

I used a winning Parlay roulette system last night

I hit up the local casino again to try out some roulette strategies and systems. Basically it was a winning night for me this time. I also got around to playing some Baccarat, a few slot machines of course and a few hands of blackjack. The system I tried out was a positive progression system, which is very conservative and safe. It also doesn’t require a huge bankroll and doesn’t take on as much risk as the Martingale system I talked about yesterday.

This system is known as the Parlay betting system. Basically it’s the exact opposite of the Martingale and requires some of the same properties which rely on long streaks. Basically I started off by wagering $5 on black. Then if I lose, then I continue betting $5. If I win on this bet, my next bet is $10. If I win again, the next bet would go to $20, $40, $80 and so on.

Well, I didn’t play this roulette game very long and I walked out with a profit. The ball landed on black 4 times in a row giving me a profit of $80. Luckily I decided to stop doubling-down after 4 wins and start the cycle over with a $5 bet. I lost at this point and then lost a few more times before getting another streak that lasted 4 in a row, giving me a profit of about $150.

I was happy about how this strategy worked, but the key is to end the cycle at some point. It is imperative that you cut the cycle at some point because you will always lose in the long run and end up with a net $5 lose after every possible loss. I will write a little bit about this strategy some more later. Other than that, it was quite an exciting night!

How to become a VIP casino player online

This is an interesting topic for those who are into gambling. Many people believe the term VIP (Very Important Person) is synonymous with “high roller”, and it is in most cases. Basically a high roller is someone who brings in a lot of money to a casino and makes major bets and gets a lot of attention, especially from the people in charge of the casino. These players automatically become VIPs because their money is important to the casino.

The other type of VIPs are those that play at the casino on a regular basis and not necessarily bringing in much money. In the long term, these players are regulars to the casinos and they bring in a steady income, so the casinos will classify them appropriately. The more money they bring in, the better treatment they will get from the casinos in terms of bonuses and goodies.

So how do you become a VIP player if you are playing online? I found that this is not that hard to do and many casinos will gladly be interested in giving you this title, which you can brag about to all your friends if you would like. Basically all you need to do is email them or chat with someone online at the casino and request VIP membership.

This membership really is exclusive and many casinos require some conditions before giving out membership. VIP status is not something worthless that can be given to everyone that walks in the door! Usually the requirement is to have played at a casino for some specific amount of time or on a regular basis. Other standards require that the customer deposits money or a lot of money into their casino account regularly, or apply for the high roller bonuses often.

The benefits of being a VIP player at an online casino are quite generous. These players can build up their comp points more quickly than the average player. In some cases, players can actually build their own custom games in their account or ask that the table limits be increased just for them. They get larger sized bonus offers and more opportunities to get exclusive bonuses. The ultra high level VIP players can actually get gifts like vacation packages, X-boxes, free checks and even a brand new car! They get all the best treatment like one would get in Las Vegas, only they obviously couldn’t get free hotel and resort time like at land based casinos. Though, online casinos make up for it in different ways over the internet with equally generous advantages.

One online brand, Jackpot Factory, has their very own VIP lounge casino where you can sign up and request information about it. There are some deposit requirements that should be met, but I know some players who were great fans of this casino brand and they let them become VIP players anyways, so it’s not all about the money. Check them out if you are interested, they are nearly the most reputable online casino in existence today and some of the best service and game play that I know of. They accept all kinds of currencies and languages as well. Unfortunately they do not accept US players at the moment.

If you are located in the US, you are not out of luck because CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot online casinos

The Martingale betting system used when playing roulette

One of the most famous betting systems used in all casino games is the Martingale system. The Martingale betting system is actually most popular with roulette because of the high table limits since roulette usually has a larger maximum than the other table games. This system is very popular but it also requires players to have deep pockets and to take on enormous risks.

The basics of the Martingale are simple. It is a negative progression form of betting where players make larger whenever they lose and keep the bet the same whenever they win. This system works best when customers bet on red or black colors, odd or even numbers and high or low numbers. Basically the outside bets are perfect to use here. The key here is you want to bet on something with the best odds, or nearly 50/50 odds with these outside bets.

Here is an example of using the Martingale betting system while playing roulette. First a player can bet $10 on red. The croupier will then spin the wheel and drop the ball in. If the ball lands on the red slot, the player will win $10 and the next bet they will make is $10 again. Basically the bet will always be $10 after winning a bet and you will always make a $10 profit after every win.

If you lose though, then your next bet will be double the previous bet. For instance, if you lost on a $10 bet, you would then bet $20. If the ball lands on red, you would win $10, which would cover your previous loss of $10 plus a $10 profit. If you lose for a second time in a row, you would again have to make a wager that is double that of your previous bet, or $40. If you win here, you would cover your total loses and again make a profit.

The severe risk comes when you start getting a long streak of losses. Say you lose twice in a row, then your bet keeps doubling to $40, then $80, then $160, $360, $640 and then over a thousand dollars. You would need to lose six times in a row before you would start betting over $1000. This is nearly equivalent to flipping a coin and having it land on heads six times in a row. It is theoretically possible but highly unlikely. It becomes more and more unlikely that the ball will keep landing on red. Eventually it should land on black since the odds should even out over the long term.

As you can see, there are two major requirements to use the Martingale system effectively in roulette. You need deep pockets (large bankroll) and you need a roulette wheel with high table betting limits. In the example above, lets assume the table limit is $1000 and you need to double your $640 bet. You can only bet $1000, so this screws up the whole system. In fact, a player could theoretically never lose while using this system if there was no table limits and he had an infinite amount of money.

For practical purposes, a billionaire probably would never have to worry about losing all of their money if the started off with small bets. It is because of this system that casinos placed betting limits on roulette tables, so that the Martingale system would eventually fail after a long streak of losses, otherwise the casino could lose a lot of money like it has done in the past.

Try out the Martingale betting system on our free flash roulette game. There is a low betting limit in this flash version, but if you play for real money, the table limit is much higher. At least you will get a feel for this system and be able to practice it a little to see how it works.

What are casino bonuses and sign up bonuses?

You see advertising and banners about all the different bonuses that casinos are offering, but do you know what they are for? There are actually some really good ones out there and some bad ones. Some are just flat out highway robbery as I’ll explain what some of these bonuses are and what they are good for.

Percentage bonuses are basically known as match bonuses that apply to your deposits. For example, if you see a banner that says 100%, this means the casino itself will give you a bonus equal to your deposit. For example, if you deposit $500, the casino will give you an extra $500 for a grand total of $1000.

No deposit bonuses are those given to players even if they do not deposit any money. These are very attractive to many players because they can actually keep the winnings while playing and trying out the games offered at online casinos. Typically, these are very small bonuses ranging between $5 and $100.

Reload bonuses are offered to current players at any time after their first deposit. For example, if a player runs out of money, the casino might give them an extra 100% reload on additional deposits into the casino. These are commonly offered at any time to players and casinos tend to make these kinds of bonuses standard because they are popular with long standing customers.

These are typically the three major kinds of bonuses. Casinos do this because the industry is fiercely competitive online and the casinos are trying to attract new players and retain current ones. Plus these casinos know that they have all the odds and players should theoretically lose everything if they play through the long term. Though many players have won thousands and even millions of dollars from casinos.

Players need to be diligent and read the terms of these bonuses. There is a catch to free money being given away, otherwise players would just deposit and immediately withdrawal the bonuses and make money that way (which actually happened to casinos in the old days!). Usually the terms require that you make wagers equal to a few times your entire bankroll before withdrawing your funds. For example, if you deposited $100, the casino may require that you make wagers equal to 10 or 20 times your bankroll. This doesn’t mean making a single $1000 bet. It just means that you should play roulette or some other games and make a total number of bets, small or large, that equal $1000 or $2000 depending on the terms. This is usually the case with every type of bonus.

Things you need to watch out for in the terms is an outrageous requirement, such as making wagers equal to 100 or 1000 times your bankroll. This would not only keep your money trapped at the casino for a very long time, but it would nearly guarantee that you would lose all your money in the process of making bets. In some cases, it’s actually a better deal to forgo and not accept a bonus than to take one. Then you could deposit and withdraw your money at will without strings attached to it.

Here is a small list of good bonuses below. Read the requirements at their site if needed, and for players not located in the US, these casinos accept multiple currencies and support a wide array of native languages.

Variety of match bonuses at CasinoMax – Accepts US players and credit cards

Variety of match bonuses at Cherry Jackpot

How gambling and casinos are dealing with the recession

As we all know, the current recession has been particularly severe among industries throughout the world. It has also taken a hard hit to the people as well. Because unemployment is so high and everyone is in debt, you would think that players and gambling customers would be conserving their money and staying out of the casinos.

Surprisingly, gambling usually ends up immune to recessions and is one of the few industries that never seem to get hit that hard during down turns. In the past, more people would be heading out to the casinos or playing online when times get tough instead of normal times. This is because they become desperate to make money. Plus there always seemed to be plenty of people out there that had the money to go out and gamble at the casinos.

Unfortunately, this recession has been so severe that there are just not that many people with actual money that they can afford to lose, especially with no jobs and income coming in. This is very rare and only happens when the economy tanks extremely deep. Another factor that is different this time is the fact that the government has tried to ban online gambling in the US, making it much harder for Americans to find casinos online to play at.

For many people, it is cheaper and more convenient to play at home online rather than spending a fortune to book a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno or other casino cities. They just don’t have the time to do that and revenues have fallen in both land based casinos and online ones. So just when you thought that gambling and casinos were immune to the recession, we clearly see just how bad this one actually is.

The D’Alembert betting system is used in roulette as well

A betting system is basically just a type of risk management and bankroll control system. The Martingale system is an example of one of the most popular betting strategies used throughout the world. Also, many of these systems can be used in just about every casino game. These are most popular with games like roulette, craps, blackjack and other table games but they be used with slot machines as well, even though it’s not that common.

One thing that should be made clear before we explain a little bit about the D’Alembert system is that fact that the house always has the edge. There is no system that can increase your chances of winning since each spin of the wheel gives the ball the same probability of landing in any of the numbers or in the colors. The wheel cannot remember past spins either so the ball could theoretically land on a red or black color 20 times in a row.

This system was first conceived by the Mathematician Jean Le Rond D’Alembert. It starts off by assuming that when you win during one spin, such as betting on red, you will likely lose on the next spin if you bet on the ball landing on a red slot again. This is basically betting that there will not be a long streak of spins where the ball lands on the same color, which would be red for example.

So when you win a bet, you subtract one chip from your bet since you are assuming that you will lose on the next spin. If you lose, then you add another chip to your bet, which the assumption that your odds are better for the next spin being a win. This is just a style or a type of pattern that people use when betting.

It really is useful though if you use it for bankroll management or knowing when to walk away. For example, if you put up $100 bet on red using ten $10 chips, you can make a decision to walk away from the table once all of your chips have been subtracted one by one. You can also set up a limit to control your losses, such as walking away from the table after the chip count increases to twenty, which would be a bad losing night.

Since we all know that we will lose in the long run to the casino because they have the house edge, the only way to really win is to walk away at the right time in the short term. On a really lucky night, you could walk away from the roulette table using a ten chip D’Alembert system with over $550 in winnings while starting off with only $100 bet. Realistically, pulling all your chips off using this system is not unheard of and this really is a conservative and safe system to use compared with some of the others.

Mobile casinos and portable roulette games

You may have heard of mobile casinos at one time or another. These are casinos that can be played on cell phones, iphones and other portable devices. In the past, the games used to be free forms of entertainment used to cut down on boredom so people could pass the time. Players would not be allowed to play and win real money even though many loved the idea that it could be possible to gamble with real money on a portable device.

This technology isn’t that new and it’s been around for awhile now where players could gamble for real money on mobile devices. Though the number of games is still limited and you can only get so much quality graphics on a small screen on the phone. Currently, there are about 20 to 30 mobile casino games that do include roulette. In fact, roulette is the most popular game to play other than the multiple slot machine games that offer million dollar jackpots.

There are two well known mobile casino services out there and they are both owned by the same company. There is Cherry Jackpot Mobile and CasinoMax Mobile, both of extremely high quality and known throughout the world for their great reputation and services. They offer support and compatibility for over 8000 cellular and mobile devices. The huge benefit is that you can play in any location you want just about. So you are not stuck at your computer or having to drive out to the casino. Meaning you can play anywhere in your home, waiting around at work or out on the go somewhere. These are truly convenient services that are destined to become extremely popular in the coming years as more people learn that they can now play casino games with real money.

Took my comps card to the casino for bonuses

I wrote an article yesterday that got me thinking about my own comps card. I realized that I was neglecting to bring it to the casino myself because I always forget! My new plan was to put my card in the glove compartment rather than bringing it into the house. That way I’ll remember the card once I get to the casino and see the empty comps slot in the machine and immediately remember that I forgot it at home. Now I can just walk out to the car and get it.

Basically, I brought this in to the casino and checked out my balance on the slot machines. It told me I had about 27,000, which I was able to exchange for $270. I decided not to convert the points to dollars and to just keep saving them. Still, this is a ton of unused money at my disposal. Also, They gave me a $20 bonus because my hometown is in odd numbered zip code and an extra $20 because it was Thursday night and they tend to give out money on certain days of the week. I did not qualify for an extra $20 for being born on an even year. Still, this just shows how much money casinos give out every day, but you must register for a club or comps card in order to take advantage of these offers!