Another interesting night playing roulette and casino games

I headed out to the casino once more after winning big the other day using some of my betting systems. This time I got about $50 in free bonuses since I actually remembered my club card. They also had a special of staying at their hotel for 50% off with $20 in additional spending money. They have a very nice luxury suite with whirlpool and room service and it all costed $120 per night ($60 last night with the special). I was very tempted in taking the deal but I just wanted to head home instead. The goal of the casino is to get people to spend even more money besides the bonus and I just didn’t feel like getting too comfortable and spending more money!

This time I decided to play blackjack and craps for awhile along with some slot machines. I was also testing out some card counting tricks that I’ve been learning for blackjack as well (which I will write about in a blog project at my blackjack site in the future).

Eventually I got to the roulette table and was playing that for awhile. I tested out the Fibonacci sequence system I wrote about a few days ago and it worked pretty well. The only problem is you need to know when to settle for profits and “reset” the series and start over. That is why I liked the 1-3-2-6 system because there is a fixed pattern where after 4 wins, you start all over again with some profits. So I switched to this system once more and came out about $200 ahead. Not as much winnings as the last time, but still much better than losing, as is expected at the casino.

I did try out a few inside bets since I wanted to try out my luck, even though these wagers tend to have the least favorable odds. Of course I decided to try out the straight up bet since this one has the greatest payouts, if you get lucky enough to have the ball land on a single number. The odds are 1 in 37, but the payouts are $35 per $1.

The bonus that the casino game to me was all free and no strings were attached to it and no special terms like you have at online casinos. I didn’t use any of that bonus the entire time I played at the casino. So before I left, I decided to bet a huge $50 on my lucky Black 13 number as my last bet of the night before I went home. The $50 was stored on my comps club card, so I could use that at the slot machines the next time I go, so I just used $50 in chips. Unfortunately (and expected), I lost the bet. Had I won this bet, I would have walked out with an additional $1750 and I would have been wagering free money that the expense of the casino. I literally had nothing to lose here!

This is a lesson that free bonus money really can make you a winning player and should be considered in your strategy, especially if you wager it all on a single bet like the straight up one.