Cheating at roulette using the “Top Hatting” strategy

Roulette is one of the hardest games that you can cheat with. It’s not as easy as cheating in blackjack, where you can count the cards yourself. You can cheat at craps if you build up dice control techniques, but how do you cheat at roulette when you have no control of the game events? You can’t touch the ball or the wheel, nor can you influence the game.

One common way is with biased wheels, which requires you to bring in some computer software and record winning numbers over a very long period of time. Nowadays, casinos have the best engineered wheels possible to prevent this and it’s very hard trying to conceal a computer and count numbers for a sufficient period of time.

Another way to cheat is know as Top Hatting. This is a type of collusion between  a player and a dealer. Both of them are know that they are cheating and will split the profits won from the casino. The top hatting strategy basically works by having the croupier (roulette dealer) spin the wheel and having the ball land on a number. Immediately afterwards, the dealer puts a chip on the table on this number. Top hatting is basically betting on a number after the results are known.

This is still tricky because there are still cameras watching and possible pit bosses observing the table. Though, if no one is watching closely enough, the dealer just has to move near the table and cleverly and deceptively drop a chip on the number. All it takes is a single $1000 sneak chip drop on the Straight-Up bet single number, and the player will win $35,000, which will usually be split with the dealer!