First time players at the casino roulette wheels

Have you ever been to a land based “brick and mortar” casino and seen a roulette wheel, wanted to play and never did? This is something that many people have experienced as well. I’ve noticed that many people tend to shy away from playing at the roulette wheel and it seems to stem from a number of reasons. One reason tends to come from anxiety, shyness and not being confident in the game. There are a number of ways to get rid of the nervous feelings and eventually hitting up the tables.

The first thing to realize is just about everyone has had that feeling at one point or another. All the professionals had to start at some point or another and play roulette as the “new guy”. Plus you have to actually play and practice the game to get good at it.

For people who don’t even know how to play roulette, it’s easy to practice by playing online. You don’t even have to bet money either, basically you can visit our flash roulette game and play for free. That way you can practice the game and get comfortable with the rules and strategies in the comfort of your own home and at your own time. You can play by yourself in case you are worried about upsetting people. This is the way to get confident in the rules of the game.

Now if you are nervous do to social pressures in a real casino, the first thing to realize is that everyone at the table probably doesn’t know you. They will be concentrating on the game more than the other players. This will make it much easier for people to approach the table without the feeling that everyone’s attention is on you. After a short time and a few spins, you should be getting used to the game and warmed up enough. It can also help by bringing a friend along as well, especially if they know the game.

If you actually don’t know the game, just let everyone know that you don’t know how to play or ask the dealer. It’s actually the croupier’s (dealer) job to let everyone know what the rules are. You can ask the dealer at any time and they should be friendly with you, at least a good dealer should. If the dealer is rude and doesn’t want to take the time to answer a few quick questions, then you shouldn’t take any time giving them a tip!

Roulette is a social game so everyone is usually friendly and they see new players all the time. It is still good etiquette to not ask way too many questions to the players who are trying to play. A good word of advice is if you plan on asking tons of questions and taking a long time to think, then the best time to approach the table is when it is not as busy and gain experience with just one or two people playing (which is how I did it). Otherwise a great way to learn the game is to watch as a spectator by sitting at the rail. By the way, players do not have to bet on every single spin, they can sit out for a few spins and just watch the game, so you should never have to rush through and risk losing a ton of money.