How gambling and casinos are dealing with the recession

As we all know, the current recession has been particularly severe among industries throughout the world. It has also taken a hard hit to the people as well. Because unemployment is so high and everyone is in debt, you would think that players and gambling customers would be conserving their money and staying out of the casinos.

Surprisingly, gambling usually ends up immune to recessions and is one of the few industries that never seem to get hit that hard during down turns. In the past, more people would be heading out to the casinos or playing online when times get tough instead of normal times. This is because they become desperate to make money. Plus there always seemed to be plenty of people out there that had the money to go out and gamble at the casinos.

Unfortunately, this recession has been so severe that there are just not that many people with actual money that they can afford to lose, especially with no jobs and income coming in. This is very rare and only happens when the economy tanks extremely deep. Another factor that is different this time is the fact that the government has tried to ban online gambling in the US, making it much harder for Americans to find casinos online to play at.

For many people, it is cheaper and more convenient to play at home online rather than spending a fortune to book a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno or other casino cities. They just don’t have the time to do that and revenues have fallen in both land based casinos and online ones. So just when you thought that gambling and casinos were immune to the recession, we clearly see just how bad this one actually is.