How to become a better online roulette player

Since many people play roulette at online casinos and over the internet, it is only logical to post some advice on how to become a better player online. There are different aspects to playing the online version over the land based one. The rules of the game itself are all the same and you are still using the same types of strategies. Even the roulette systems for betting are still the same as well.

One of the big differences in the online game are the casino bonuses. They are usually much bigger than land based casinos, but there are usually strings and terms attached to them. If you find a good bonus, you should take advantage of it because it boosts your bankroll considerably and you could even profit from the bonus if you can hold out long enough on the minimum betting requirements.

Another tip here is to make most of your wagers on the bets that have a low house edge. That means a smaller slice of your money doesn’t disappear over the long term since you usually have to play for a while or make big bets in order to finally meet the terms and cut the strings from your bonus so you can withdraw your funds eventually. Essentially, these bonuses are all free money to take advantage of.

As I’ve said many other times, players online should also choose to play on a European or single zero roulette table. This will ensure much better odds on every single bet you make. In fact, the outside bets have a house edge of 2.70% vs the huge 5.6% edge on the American or double zero roulette wheel. You would actually be losing half as much money during the same amount of time according to the mathematical odds.

Probably one of the most important things to do is play the roulette game for free with no money. That way you can practice the games and understand the rules without risk to your money. You can also experiment with all the different systems that can be used online plus learn how to apply winning roulette tips with real money. Most importantly, you can become confident with the different kinds of roulette bets as well. All of this stuff can be done online with almost zero risk.

Just to make the online experience even better, some online casinos have live dealers. That means you can play roulette online with a large number of people all playing against the same dealer over a web cam! That way you can actually see a real roulette wheel and not have to worry about the game being rigged or the computer software not working fairly. Playing at these live tables can be beneficial as well and you may even be able to socialize with people over the internet as well and learn more tips from them as well.