How to become a VIP casino player online

This is an interesting topic for those who are into gambling. Many people believe the term VIP (Very Important Person) is synonymous with “high roller”, and it is in most cases. Basically a high roller is someone who brings in a lot of money to a casino and makes major bets and gets a lot of attention, especially from the people in charge of the casino. These players automatically become VIPs because their money is important to the casino.

The other type of VIPs are those that play at the casino on a regular basis and not necessarily bringing in much money. In the long term, these players are regulars to the casinos and they bring in a steady income, so the casinos will classify them appropriately. The more money they bring in, the better treatment they will get from the casinos in terms of bonuses and goodies.

So how do you become a VIP player if you are playing online? I found that this is not that hard to do and many casinos will gladly be interested in giving you this title, which you can brag about to all your friends if you would like. Basically all you need to do is email them or chat with someone online at the casino and request VIP membership.

This membership really is exclusive and many casinos require some conditions before giving out membership. VIP status is not something worthless that can be given to everyone that walks in the door! Usually the requirement is to have played at a casino for some specific amount of time or on a regular basis. Other standards require that the customer deposits money or a lot of money into their casino account regularly, or apply for the high roller bonuses often.

The benefits of being a VIP player at an online casino are quite generous. These players can build up their comp points more quickly than the average player. In some cases, players can actually build their own custom games in their account or ask that the table limits be increased just for them. They get larger sized bonus offers and more opportunities to get exclusive bonuses. The ultra high level VIP players can actually get gifts like vacation packages, X-boxes, free checks and even a brand new car! They get all the best treatment like one would get in Las Vegas, only they obviously couldn’t get free hotel and resort time like at land based casinos. Though, online casinos make up for it in different ways over the internet with equally generous advantages.

One online brand, Jackpot Factory, has their very own VIP lounge casino where you can sign up and request information about it. There are some deposit requirements that should be met, but I know some players who were great fans of this casino brand and they let them become VIP players anyways, so it’s not all about the money. Check them out if you are interested, they are nearly the most reputable online casino in existence today and some of the best service and game play that I know of. They accept all kinds of currencies and languages as well. Unfortunately they do not accept US players at the moment.

If you are located in the US, you are not out of luck because CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot online casinos both have sweet VIP programs and these casinos are my second selected favorites. Both of them are offering massive $37,500 bonuses along with other various benefits for VIP players, they accept credit card deposits and are very old and highly reputable brands.