How to get better luck when playing roulette

This may seem like a strange topic but I have a very important tip that I can’t stress enough when playing roulette. Many people keep getting caught up in playing American roulette, which is a variation of the original game. Basically anyone who plays roulette on an American wheel actually has much worse luck than someone playing on a European or French roulette wheel. In fact, your luck can be nearly twice as bad due to the odds and I’ll explain this below.

Unfortunately, nearly all casinos in the US use American roulette wheels, which have two green slots with a single zero and double zero “0” and “00” numbers. It is this double zero that gives you bad luck because the European wheel only has a single zero. If you compare the odds, the house edge on the European roulette is 2.70% vs 5.26% on the American version. The difference is actually 2.56%, which makes the American roulette game a bad game for luck and you will lose your money twice as quick.

Many people reading this are probably saying “yeah, that’s common sense, you’ve said this all over your site”. The problem is there are many people who don’t know the difference between the wheels. People in the United States might just play on the American roulette table just because they are citizens of the country and play due to fanfare of their nationality. Realistically there isn’t much of a difference between the wheels except for that addition of the double zero green slot. There is absolutely no benefits to playing American roulette in terms of odds and chances of winning. Basically this game was invented in 19th century America during the gold rush out west when casinos wanted to get in and make a bigger piece of profit when everyone was rich with pockets full of gold! Nowadays, why play on this wheel where there are others with better odds? This game is almost like a novelty relic of casino games that many people never think about.

So if you think you are having some hard luck when playing roulette, check to make sure that you are not playing this American version of the game. If you find yourself playing on this variety, you can literally improve your odds and give yourself good luck or at least better luck on the European, French or single zero roulette game.