How to play Royale Roulette online

In case you were wondering what Royale roulette was, it’s actually a variation of European roulette. There is no major differences in the way the game is played and there is usually a single zero. The only thing different that makes this game Royale is the fact that players have a chance to win a progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot that slowly builds up as more people play, sort of like the huge jackpots found in slot machines that are hooked up to a network.

Typically, Royale roulette is found online where all the bets and wagers are processed electronically. Otherwise it would be hard trying to split up money and putting it into the ticker at a land based casino where players are using solid chips. This jackpot is fairly nice and can sometimes reach over a hundred thousand dollars. It has been known that the jackpot can sometimes reach over a million dollars but it is very rare and doesn’t happen often.

When a player places one of the classic bets, they will be allowed to make an additional side bet. Usually this is only $1 or it could be required to be as large as the basic normal bets that you are doing. All of the side bet money goes into the pot, which grows progressively over time when more player take this wager. In order to claim the jackpot, the ball must land on the same number 5 times in a row and that player must be making a side bet every time. If this happens, the player will win the massive jackpot. Also, it doesn’t matter what number is chosen, as long as any number comes up 5 times in a row, you will win. Still, the odds are slim that this will happen, but the payout of money is massive. Many players love this game, especially roulette fans who play the game often.

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