How to use the free Parlay roulette system

I talked about the Parlay system awhile ago and how I used this as a bet management strategy. This system is free to use and it’s just a fundamental pattern of betting really. Parlay uses properties that are much safer than the Martingale system and they can be used in just about any other type of casino game, including roulette.

The Parlay strategy uses positive progression, which means that you increase the size of your bets as you win and decrease your bets as you lose. This is sometimes known as the pyramid system because each time you win, your next bet will be the same as your original wager plus an additional part of your profit.

There are actually variations of the Parlay betting system, which can also be used in roulette. For example, the Paroli system is one of the most extreme systems where you bet all of your profits on each bet after consecutive wins and I will talk about this in tomorrows blog post. The Parlay is just a general pattern of using parts of your profits on each bet. By that, I mean you can increase your bets by 25%, 50% or even 100%.

A good way to use this strategy is to use an even number sized bet, such as $2, $10 or $100, something that is easy to work with in ratios. For example, if you bet $10 and win, the next bet could be $15 if you wish to wager 50% of your profits, or $20 if you wish to use 100% of your profits (the Paroli method). If you lose, you automatically start off betting the minimum or original bet of $10 and work your way up the ladder once more.

The key to success when using the Parlay system is to get long streaks of wins. As long as their are equally sized winning and losing streaks, you are guaranteed to come out ahead because you will lose less money when you lose the wager, and win more money when you win the game because you are increasing your bets as you win more often. If there are scattered wins and losses, this strategy doesn’t work too well. It all just depends on luck and how your game is going.