Most famous bets and wagers in roulette

I wrote a page awhile back about Ashley Revell, who is known for THE most famous wager in roulette history. You know the one, that bet where he sold everything he had and received donations during the publicity. Basically he bet over a hundred grand on a single color and actually won.

Well, I recently found a few other pages about other famous roulette bets and I decided there was enough information to make a new page listing a few of these in case anyone was interested. It’s actually quite fascinating how some of the bets played out. Of course, Ashley Revell will have a page of his own and the YouTube video of that bet.

I also added a few fictional bets (fake ones in movies) that you may have recognized in films and even a music video. I thought this was fitting for the roulette topic and so those were included to the nonfictional ones involving politicians, engineers and con artists. Some people have actually won more money than Ashley Revell in certain bets but many were due to cheating actions such as with biased wheels rather than pure luck. Check out the page if you are interested. I linked to it in the side bar on the right side of this blog or click here to read about the famous roulette bets.