Took my comps card to the casino for bonuses

I wrote an article yesterday that got me thinking about my own comps card. I realized that I was neglecting to bring it to the casino myself because I always forget! My new plan was to put my card in the glove compartment rather than bringing it into the house. That way I’ll remember the card once I get to the casino and see the empty comps slot in the machine and immediately remember that I forgot it at home. Now I can just walk out to the car and get it.

Basically, I brought this in to the casino and checked out my balance on the slot machines. It told me I had about 27,000, which I was able to exchange for $270. I decided not to convert the points to dollars and to just keep saving them. Still, this is a ton of unused money at my disposal. Also, They gave me a $20 bonus because my hometown is in odd numbered zip code and an extra $20 because it was Thursday night and they tend to give out money on certain days of the week. I did not qualify for an extra $20 for being born on an even year. Still, this just shows how much money casinos give out every day, but you must register for a club or comps card in order to take advantage of these offers!