Vernal equinox and taking a break from roulette

Greetings everyone, today is the Vernal equinox or the first day of Spring! I’ve decided that since I’ve been posting about roulette every single day for the past few months of winter that I will be taking a break from posting for awhile. That way Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines will be given a chance pick up my posts and give readers a chance to find and read my materials for awhile.

I will be working on some other blogs related to other casino games and start getting those built up. I will link to these sites once they have been built up a little more like this blog, so you will have more interesting articles and blog posts about other games besides roulette.

Also, if you like this blog, please add us to your blogroll or to your websites so we can get a boost in visitor traffic. I should be back in a few weeks or possibly a few months to freshen up this roulette blog some more, especially if more visitors get an interest and become active here. I will be back soon so please bookmark us!