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lol Roulette - All About The Game of Casino Roulette

lol roulette was built and designed around the casino game of roulette. Our pages of information will serve as your online guide to different aspects of the game ranging from game variations, the rules, strategies and other useful articles. Some of the materials will cover probability odds and payout percentages for certain inside and outside bets. Other guides will provide advice for the casual player and the high roller. We even have a free flash roulette game that does not require a download, which will greatly aid you during practice of strategies or if you would just like to kill some time and play roulette without lengthy registrations or software downloads.

Learn the difference between American and European roulette games

There is not just one fixed game of roulette in the world. In fact, there are quite a few variations of this game that many people play on a daily basis. It all has to do with the odds of the game. Some wheels are better than others in terms of winning and getting a better edge over the house and casino. American roulette and the European versions are the most common but European actually has the best odds and it is recommended for everyone to play this game. You will often come across a wide variety and range of wheels in the US and playing at casinos in cities like Las Vegas Nevada and Atlantic City.

We have links online to articles on the right side of the page that explain these roulette variations. Usually there are two major categories known as single-zero and double-zero wheels. You will learn that the best advice is to always play on a single-zero table in order to reduce the house edge as low as possible. The green zero slots generally help out the casino in terms of odds since players tend to wager on either red or black numbers.

No-download Online Games and Free Flash Roulette

I added a section for free flash games on this page because of how useful they are to players. It's a type of no-download roulette that many people have heard about and have requested. It means that you can gamble for real money or for free without downloading online roulette programs into your computer. This reduces the risks of spyware and viruses. In fact, these flash casino games are the only way people can gamble online if they own a Macintosh computer, which tends to have better security than Windows XP or Vista.

The Shockwave or Macromedia Flash games run in an internet browser rather than in your hard disk. Better yet, the games that we have on our flash roulette page actually do not require registration either like every other online casino company. So you do not have to worry about filling out annoying internet forms and giving out email addresses with a risk of spamming. The games we have on our site can be played just like an addicting game with no strings attached. Of course, if you wanted to play with real money, then you could create a user name and play right in your browser!

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Biased Wheels and Interesting Player Facts with Bios

You will also find interesting information about biased wheels and cheating at roulette. We certainly do not recommend or promote cheating at the game or anywhere in the casino since it can result in criminal charges and even getting thrown in jail. It is interesting to read about some of the early history of the game and some of the players who did get away with it though. In the old days, players would find a biased wheel or one with a lot of wear and tear. These wheels would generally be off-balanced and the ball would tend to land on many of the same numbers over a long period of time.

One player broke a casino and won millions of dollars by doing this. Nowadays, roulette wheels have been engineered much better with modern techniques to prevent this. The only way to figure out if a wheel is biased or not is with a computer. Although, it takes a very long time to input all of the trials. In fact, it usually takes a few thousand spins by the dealer (or croupier) in order to get some indication for which numbers are best to bet on.

Another interesting page that we have is about Ashley Revell, one of the most famous roulette players in the world. He sold everything he had and went to Las Vegas to a roulette game. He wagered over $135,000 on a single spin! To find out what happens next, read the entire story. The links to all of these online articles are on the left side of the page.

Tips on Bet Management Systems and Betting Strategy

Besides the information on what types of roulette games and wheels are out there, we also had tips and advice for players who are just beginning as a novice or even an advanced player with a lot of experience and skill. These tips include topics related to bet management and roulette systems such as the famous and popular Martingale, Parlay, Paroli and others. These are just patterns on how to profit in your game and manage a bankroll.

Our strategy page includes great advice on which bets are bad and which ones are good for the odds. You may be surprised to know that not every bet is the same and some wagers can really hurt you in the long run because of the house advantage. Learn how to put the disadvantage to the house and how to better manage your system of attack, such as quitting at the right time.

Finally, do not forget to bookmark us or mention our side in your blog or website. Also tell your friends about if they want to learn or play roulette. If you could not find what you were looking for on this site, Wikipedia is a great resource to check out as well.