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Roulette on the Apple Mac

We could not leave our site complete without writing about Mac compatible roulette games. Believe it or not, most online casinos are not compatible with the Macintosh Operating System (OS). The reason that iMac users have compatibility issues arise from a .exe file or executable file that is commonly used in Windows XP and Vista to "execute" and run a program. Mac OS doesn't use this extension when running a file so this is why downloaded casinos won't "execute" on the Mac.

Macintosh Compatible Online Roulette Casinos

There are a few casinos that have compatible systems that work. Most "no-download" casinos that can be played in an internet browser will work. Usually these are powered by java, Flash or Shockwave. If you have Macromedia, there are generally no problems running it either. Other times you will need to find some emulator of Windows or regular PC systems so that the Mac can run the same type of file system as the PC.

Online casinos usually cater to the PC users because the size of the audience is much greater. Although one of the reasons people chose the Mac is because of it's great security and safety features. Not many viruses and spyware programs are directing their attacks to these computers because there are so few of them, and these hostile programs are aiming for the larger volume of users instead.

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