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Etiquette While Playing Roulette

Many casinos, especially the fancy ones, expect players to show some etiquette. Basically these are unspoken rules that all players should follow. Of course there are plenty of people out there who would have never heard of the rules and of course it would be unfair for them to be punished for them. Though some rules are obvious and can prevent serious problems. Most of the rules will save embarrassment and will impress the croupier, casino dealers and people around you. Note that these rules are not related to the actual betting and chances of winning, but more of a behavioral guideline.

Etiquette for placing bets

The first big one is to realize that there are specific times for players for placing bets. The dealer will announce "Place your bets" and you will be allowed to put your chips on the table. You need to put new bets on the table after the previous winnings have been paid out and the chips are cleared. This betting period will typically last about 60 seconds. When the dealer raises their hand and announces "No more bets", you should never place a bet after this announcement. Basically you should never ask to bet at times otherwise. If anything wait until the next turn after the spin.

Do not touch the bets or markers at this time

Never touch anything else on table after the bets have been made or when winnings are paid out. Only the croupier is allowed to do this in order to prevent cheating and taking bets off the table. There are also markers placed on the table to show people which number the ball fell into as well as special markers on your own chips. Do not touch these markers because this could be considered cheating and you may even be thrown out of the casino for breaking this major rule! Let the dealers do their jobs except during times of betting when the dealer tells you to place bets.

Cashing in your chips

This is an important rule. Typically, the chips you use at the roulette table can only be used at that particular table. The reason is that each player is assigned their own set of chips, each with different colors and different numbers. This makes it less confusing for the dealer to keep track of players at that table. Players exchange normal casino chips for roulette chips, but these roulette chips are worthless anywhere else in the casino. That means they become worthless the moment you walk away from the table.

So you should always remember to exchange your roulette chips for casino chips before leaving the table. So for example, if you walked away with a bunch of $1 chips on one day, those chips might be worth $100 each on another. This same example can apply if you walk from one table to another. Therefore the casino can't accept these chips if someone walks to the table out of the blue. This can be an extremely costly mistake, so you must hope that the dealer remembers exactly who you were and when you were playing if this happens to you.

Behavior, minding your manners and being civil

This is one of the more obvious etiquette tips. Always be polite to other players and whatever you do, do not get too drunk. Also, try not to bother players by asking them questions or for advice about the game. Watch the game or practice online at home if you do not know how to play, unless you are with your friends of course. Also, do not get too excited at the roulette table. For example, getting too loud or excited during winning streaks or laughing when people lose is bad etiquette, especially if alcohol and drunk people are in the mix. This could arouse people to get into fights and no one wants to see tables knocked over and everyone's chips flying around!

Some casinos also require a dress code, especially fancy ones or casinos on cruise chips for instance. Always follow this code if you can. Check to see if you need a club card to be allowed to play certain games. In some cases, this may be required, especially at VIP or exclusive tables. All in all, the idea is to treat people the way you would want to be treated and that same good karma may come to you in winnings.

Tipping the dealer

This is generally an obvious tip, but you may be surprised to know that in some casinos, this is bad etiquette. If the casino allows tipping, always tip the dealer. If the casinos do not allow it, then do not tip the dealer as you could get them in trouble. In the United States, tipping is widely accepted and encouraged. Though in foreign casinos or usually ones in European areas, many casinos will not allow tipping. Also, you should know that European casinos tend to be more low par and not as energetic as they are in Las Vegas and the US. Many casinos in Europe are more formal and will require the dress code and such. If you plan on going to these casinos, keep these tips in mind.

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