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Roulette Game Strategy Guide

First of all, there really is no strategy that can truly beat the house edge. Although most of roulette strategy focuses on betting systems or patterns that players use to maximize winnings or ensure low risks while betting. Other strategies rely almost on cheating and biased wheels. Unlike blackjack, there really is no way to get the advantage because this game doesn't have a memory like blackjack and each spin is independent of previous events.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Like the game itself, betting strategies or betting systems can never win in the long run, but they can be great in the short term. Some examples of these betting systems are the famous Martingale and Paroli patterns. Some of these strategies ensure profits with high risks and others ensure a gradual increase with lower risks. Because the house has the edge, the odds are always in the casino's favor so none of these betting strategies will guarantee profits.

There is a benefit to the betting strategies. They offer an organized pattern in which players can keep track of winnings and have a system to follow while playing. This is called bet management and it is important to keep track of the money and how it is being bet. Even if you don't win in the long run, a few hours in the short run can be enough to create some massive winnings and you can walk away.

Some of the best roulette betting strategies involve progressive bets. The Martingale system is a progressive strategy used when losing. After every loss, the player doubles their bets in progression. By doing this, the next win will recover all loses plus a small profit. Although, the Martingale itself is a negative progression system and is the most risky of them all.

The Parlay or Parloi strategy is actually a true progressive betting system where players generally increase bets as they win more often. If you would like to learn about some of the best roulette bet strategies, check out the links below to learn the details.

Basic Double and Single Zero Strategy

Another basic strategy that is commonly used is the double zero strategy. The American roulette wheel has two green slots with a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). Note that your odds are always better by playing on a European single zero wheel because there are fewer green slots or "house numbers" that players can lose on. So if you can find a single zero roulette wheel, which are standard in online casinos and sometimes found in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, then the strategy is to always play on the wheel with a single zero.

The odds on the American wheel are pretty bad in comparison. The house has a 5.26% edge so you will be losing a lot of money very quickly. If you are playing on a single zero wheel, the house edge is more like 2.70% and twice as good as the double zero wheel. This is a major strategic move to make while playing roulette and it will greatly increase your odds of winning. This is probably the best roulette strategy there is.

What Roulette Strategies Work?

None of the strategies will ever give you an edge over the casino unless you are cheating by finding an unbalanced or biased wheel. The strategies above will optimize your winnings and game. Basically these will decrease your losses and you'll be able to play in the long run. The trick is to stop playing when you are ahead in the short term before the mathematical effects of the long term take over and you begin to lose. Remember, a casino is a business for profit and the odds are what gives them their paychecks.

Another good strategy is to set up a "loss limit" on your bankroll. This is some value of money where you automatically decide to walk away from the table to cut losses. If you are striving for maximum efficiency, then think about other things you are spending money on at the casino. If they are offering comps or free drinks, take advantage of this so that you utilize as much money as possible for roulette.

A great way to test out a strategy for roulette is to play the game online. Try playing on a free flash version of the game, which is readily available on this site, and play with free-play money. That way you can play for a long time at home and really find the best methods without risking money. It isn't fun risking money on a game that you don't know how to play so at least practice up on it before putting cash up at stake. Once you get good at the game, then you can deposit money online or take a trip over to your local casino and play with confidence.

Why to Play Roulette

Why should I play roulette if no strategies work? You may be asking this question after reading this article. Roulette, like all casino and gambling games, is a negative expectation game by nature. It is a game of money and people play it for the sake of entertainment with hopes of some exciting wins over the short term. It actually isn't meant to be a personal ATM, otherwise the casino would go broke (although you can turn blackjack into a personal ATM).

There are some major differences between the online version of roulette and the game in a casino. Roulette takes a long time to play. Many times there are lots of people around making bets and the croupier may have to wait a few minutes for each spin. In some cases, there may only be about 20 to 40 spins an hour depending on how busy the casino is. This is definitely a game where you can easily win big and can walk away feeling satisfied because the effects of long term mathematical odds never get a chance to kick in.

This is also a relaxing but exciting game to play. It doesn't require much thinking and there's lots of time to sip a drink and watch other entertainment around the table while you play. If you are looking for a fast paced roulette table, then an online casino is perfect. Online roulette uses a random number generator (RNG) and you can sometimes do 20 to 40 spins per minute rather than per hour. So this is a boon if you are on a winning streak and don't want to leave the table because you are too tired after hours and hours. You can also practice strategy in the comfort of your home as well with a custom roulette wheel just for you.

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