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Biased Roulette Wheels

A biased wheel is almost like a secret way to cheat in roulette. Basically a biased roulette wheel is a wheel that has some type of defect that causes the ball to favor certain numbers over others. If you can figure out these numbers, you can easily beat the house edge by betting on them. Such defects usually happen due to wear and tear of the wheel over time. A few examples are a wheel that is leaning slightly to one side or is off balance.

Finding a Biased Wheel at the Casino

The thing about biased roulette wheels is it usually takes many spins before noticing a pattern. Usually only a few thousand spins is sufficient. You won't get much help with the red or black bet. You will actually find the wheel biased towards some numbers. The ball will physically stop more often on a certain part of the wheel, which would be marked in general by a number. If you can find even a slight bias over the long term, you can improve your odds by over 4% and this would easily beat the house edge.

This is certainly a type of cheating similar to card counting in blackjack. Casinos know about this too and they despise the biased wheel problem. Since some numbers pay out more than others, it could either increase the edge of the casino or decrease the edge, depending on if a player knows about the biased wheel. Many of these wheels have become obsolete due to this concept being very well known and many smart players literally robbing the casino. Some have taken millions and there was even a famous story about a casino going broke over it. In fact, Albert Einstein made this quote after searching for a long time to beat the roulette wheel:

Albert Einstein: "You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it"

Internet Biased Roulette Wheels in Online Casinos

There is software that can detect a biased wheel after many spins and averages. This could be a problem bringing it with you to a casino to record thousands of spins though. Although, you can actually find a biased wheel over the internet at some online casinos. Some casinos have live dealers that you can watch via web cam. This isn't your typical online computerized roulette graphics. You can watch actual people spinning the wheel and you can use this software to record each spin over a long period of time. This can be done right in the comfort of your home!

If you aren't searching for a biased wheel over the internet, then it would be less risky to just learn how to card count and play blackjack. Otherwise you would have to bring some computer into the casino and they aren't very happy if they catch you. Plus you would have to sit for hours and perhaps days in order to find a bias. The software would then automatically tell you what numbers to bet on in order to give you the edge.

If you really did find a biased wheel at a land based casino or an internet casino, then you certainly found a rare treasure. Usually the really big casinos like the ones in Las Vegas and Atlantic City converted all the old wheels out and perhaps switch new ones in every few hours. Although you may find better luck at foreign casinos or small local casinos that may not even be aware of their old wheels giving off a bias.

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