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Ashley Revell's Roulette Bet

Ashley Revell is known for one of the most famous roulette bets of all time. He is from London England and is known as the guy who bet everything in roulette. The bet was extremely risky and was done back in 2004 at a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event itself was broadcasted by Sky One, one of Britain's most popular television stations. The story behind the bet is pretty amazing. Also, Revell changed his name to Ashley "Blue Square" Revell as a request by a bookmaker in exchange for more gambling money to use in this highly publicized bet.

All or Nothing - $135,300 Bet

Revell's father did not approve of what he was about to do and suggested that he get a job and work hard like everyone else. Any bet over a hundred thousand dollars is pretty insane to begin with, even if you are rich. Ashley decided to sell every last thing he had, even his clothes in order to get as much money possible for the bet. Originally, he planned on betting everything on a single red or black outside bet. He told CNN that he was going to bet on black.

When he got to the casino, the spin was broadcasted live. First, the croupier or roulette dealer announced the rules of the game and the risks involved. After Revell acknowledged this, the ball was then set to spin in the wheel. He was about to bet black, but at the least second he remembered that the Sky television viewers had voted for him to place the bet on red.

As the ball was spinning, he loaded all $135,300 dollars onto the red outside bet on the table. The ball then slowed down with a long and suspenseful atmosphere with everyone in the casino watching the roulette wheel. Finally the ball landed in the number 7 slot in the wheel, which was red. The silence broke into applause and cheers as Ashley Revell won the all or nothing bet, which paid out even odds for $270,600 in total winnings.

After the bet, Revell agreed that the bet was "mad" and that he would never do such a thing again. If he had lost the bet, he would have lost $135300, which was everything he had including all his clothes and home. In the end, he used his winnings to start up his very own poker website called Poker United, which seemed like a great investment because he could then make money by running his own poker room. The publicity from this giant roulette bet was also great for getting his site started and attracting new players. The YouTube video below features the man who bets his life savings on a roulette bet. Note that the video says the bet was $136,000 but this figure is slightly off. For even more world-famous bets in this game, please visit our page for Famous Roulette Bets.

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