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Tips and Advice for Playing Roulette

There really isn't a true way to win at roulette or beat the house edge like you can with blackjack. You just have to get lucky in order to win. There are a few tips though that you should do in order to make smarter moves and to conserve money better. The biggest tip is to always expect to lose because the house always has the edge. Therefore, only play with money that you can afford to lose. This will make a big difference.

Winning at Roulette - How to Win

Because the house will always guarantee that you will lose money in the long run, you could implement the maximum boldness strategy. This starts off like the Martingale betting system somewhat. The strategy is to try doubling your money with roulette. The best way to do this is to bet everything on red or black all at once. This will surely give you a rush and induce some nervousness, but you have a 47% chance of winning the bet. You can also bet on the even or odd bet as well. This type of strategy is sometimes used in negative expectation games but it is quite risky.

The reason one might do one huge bet with everything is because when you make smaller bets, you will likely lose everything before you can double your money. Roulette tends to have a much bigger house edge than many casino games. It is because of this fact that every bet reduces your odds and chances of winning or doubling your cash. Personally, I wouldn't do the maximum boldness strategy myself because I enjoy staying at the casino for a long period of time rather than coming in and possibly leaving after a bet that lasts 1 minute! Although if you are a serious gambler or looking for an adrenaline rush, the maximum boldness strategy is a good tip. This strategy is also used in other games besides roulette as well.

The opposite strategy is called minimum boldness, but this doesn't seem to agree with the odds with roulette. We use minimum boldness with other games like blackjack only because we are able to defeat the house edge through the means of card counting. Using this system, you would be making very small bets when you gain the edge in order to reduce your risk of losing your bankroll in a few bets. Unfortunately there is no way to reduce the house edge in roulette except for a few cheating topics.

This next tip has to do with conserving money or utilizing maximum efficiency in order to increase your odds and betting power. The first big one is to sign up for a roulette club if you are a serious player. You may get some extra comps and free cash after playing for awhile. Take free drinks if the casino is offering them. This saves money that can be used for roulette! Most importantly, don't be playing with money that you would be nervous about losing. If you are playing with an uncomfortably large amount of money, then the stress kind of ruins the whole recreation and entertainment purposes of roulette. This is a huge tip that makes everyone's day.

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