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Roulette Casino Game on the Internet

The internet has made access to online casinos and roulette gambling much easier. The game itself follows all the same rules as the land based version and internet roulette has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Probably the best benefit of playing the game over the internet is the lack of distractions and the ability to gamble in the comfort of your home. This can also be a disadvantage as well.

Playing Roulette over the Internet

Playing online is a great if you are looking for a fast game to play. Many folks don't think about this, but if you've never played roulette in a real casino, each spin can take a very long time. This is because there are so many other people playing and the dealer has to keep track of all the chips. In some cases, there may only be 20 spins or less of the wheel per hour. This can become boring for many people.

Internet roulette can let players watch the graphics and spread out time, or you can set the options to make the wheel spin instantly and you could have more than 20 spins per minute! The disadvantage of the internet version is you don't get to experience the casino atmosphere, social interactions and free drinks that you would have at a real casino. You also don't get the same entertainment that can be found throughout either. In some cases, this can be a good thing though.

Today, online roulette is extremely common and millions of people are playing it on their cell phones and computers. The technology has evolved much more over the last decade. Much of the spyware and viruses that plagued online gambling with a bad stigma are no longer a major concern as long as you only visit trusted sites listed here. The games themselves have greatly improved with larger numbers of games with improved graphics and game play.

Besides roulette, there are slots, blackjack, craps and lots of other games to play. There are even multiple variations of roulette available. CasinoMax for example has over 300 games to play. Cherry Jackpot or Slots Capital have some of the most amazing graphics every seen from an internet casino and they accept US players and allow credit card deposits as well.

Free or Real Money Internet Roulette

The best part about roulette over the internet is the ability to wager real money. You can do all the same bets that you can do at a real land based casino. The difference is the payment methods. You just need some way to get money into your internet account and getting money out after you win. There are actually lots of methods to doing this but each casino is different so you would have to check out their sites as they change often.

Besides real money, players can play for free with the free flash shockwave roulette or a "no-download" version of the casino. This is great if want to kill time or you are looking for an addicting casino game. You can also practice strategies over the internet without the risk of losing money. It is pretty much essential to practice roulette online if you have never played before and if you don't want to lose money. You can do this on our site here if you click on the free flash roulette link in the top navigation bar above.

An important piece of information that should be checked with an internet casino is the kind of software they use and if the game is regulated. All the ones listed on this site are safe and follow regulations of their countries in order to provide fair gaming and payouts. Other software such as Microgaming and Real Time Gaming (RTG) are great gaming platforms to use.

You'll quickly find why "virtual roulette" is so addicting because of the ability to play right at home and why many people choose to play over the internet instead of at a brick-and-mortar casino. So there is no more need to get dressed up and finding time to go to the casino. Now when you come home from work, you have the ability to relax at home and play 300 games including multi-million dollar progressive jackpots and roulette after work.

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