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Vernal equinox and taking a break from roulette

Greetings everyone, today is the Vernal equinox or the first day of Spring! I’ve decided that since I’ve been posting about roulette every single day for the past few months of winter that I will be taking a break from posting for awhile. That way Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines will be given a chance pick up my posts and give readers a chance to find and read my materials for awhile.

I will be working on some other blogs related to other casino games and start getting those built up. I will link to these sites once they have been built up a little more like this blog, so you will have more interesting articles and blog posts about other games besides roulette.

Also, if you like this blog, please add us to your blogroll or to your websites so we can get a boost in visitor traffic. I should be back in a few weeks or possibly a few months to freshen up this roulette blog some more, especially if more visitors get an interest and become active here. I will be back soon so please bookmark us!

Top line bet and other inside roulette bet probabilities

There are a few interesting bets that I haven’t talked about yet, including one specific bet that can only be done on an American roulette wheel. First of all, a general rule is the probabilities for the outside bets will always have better odds than the inside bets. Outside bets include the 1 to 1 payouts such as betting on red or black, odd or even, etc.

The top line bet is the special one in American roulette where you wager on 5 numbers at a time with a single chip. This is the only type of bet like it on any variation of the game. Basically you are allowed to bet on the double and single zeros, plus the top line on the table (not on the wheel). This includes 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The probability odds are 6.6 to 1, but the payouts are $6 for every $1 bet.

Corner bets are allowed on all roulette tables. Players may bet a single chip at the intersection of 4 different numbers on the table. If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you will win. You can choose any corner bet available on the table and there are a lot of choices. The probabilities are 8.5 to 1 and payout is $8 for every $1 bet on the American roulette version.

A basket bet is a type of bet similar to the top line bet, but with fewer numbers. In this bet, you select 3 numbers including one or both green zeros. On the American version, the numbers “0, 1 and 2” or “00, 0 and 2” or “00, 2 and 3” would be the only three possible. The probabilities of the ball landing and winning on this bet is 11.7 to 1 and the payout is $11 for $1 bet.

The split bet is kind of like a corner bet, except you are putting a chip on the intersection of any two numbers and betting that the ball will land on any of the two. You can bet on horizontally or vertically adjacent numbers as well and there are plenty of choices. The odds of winning are 18 to 1 and payout is $17 for $1 bet.

The street bet is when you bet on a single horizontal row of three numbers on the table with odds of winning at 11.7 to 1 and payouts of $11 for $1 bet. Also, the column bet is similar but you are betting that the ball will land on a number in one of the three columns, which has probability of winning at 2.2 to 1 and payouts of $2 for $1 bet.

A dozen bet is something where you are betting on blocks of numbers on the table between 1 and 12, 13 and 24, or 25 and 36. The odds against winning are 2.2 to 1 and the payout percentages are $2 for $1 bet.

The six line bet is similar to a street or row bet, but you are allowed to bet on two adjacent horizontal rows. This would include six numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for example. The probability odds are 5.33 to 1 and the payouts are $5 for $1 bets.

Finally, the straight up bet is where you bet on any single number with a rare probability odds of 37 to 1 and payouts of $35 for $1 bet. On the European wheel, the odds are 36 to 1 but the payout stays the same at $35 for $1 bet.

Note that the probabilities listed above are based on the American roulette wheel. European roulette will have all the same payouts, but will have better odds against winning, so always play the European style to get better odds in your favor.

Another interesting night playing roulette and casino games

I headed out to the casino once more after winning big the other day using some of my betting systems. This time I got about $50 in free bonuses since I actually remembered my club card. They also had a special of staying at their hotel for 50% off with $20 in additional spending money. They have a very nice luxury suite with whirlpool and room service and it all costed $120 per night ($60 last night with the special). I was very tempted in taking the deal but I just wanted to head home instead. The goal of the casino is to get people to spend even more money besides the bonus and I just didn’t feel like getting too comfortable and spending more money!

This time I decided to play blackjack and craps for awhile along with some slot machines. I was also testing out some card counting tricks that I’ve been learning for blackjack as well (which I will write about in a blog project at my blackjack site in the future).

Eventually I got to the roulette table and was playing that for awhile. I tested out the Fibonacci sequence system I wrote about a few days ago and it worked pretty well. The only problem is you need to know when to settle for profits and “reset” the series and start over. That is why I liked the 1-3-2-6 system because there is a fixed pattern where after 4 wins, you start all over again with some profits. So I switched to this system once more and came out about $200 ahead. Not as much winnings as the last time, but still much better than losing, as is expected at the casino.

I did try out a few inside bets since I wanted to try out my luck, even though these wagers tend to have the least favorable odds. Of course I decided to try out the straight up bet since this one has the greatest payouts, if you get lucky enough to have the ball land on a single number. The odds are 1 in 37, but the payouts are $35 per $1.

The bonus that the casino game to me was all free and no strings were attached to it and no special terms like you have at online casinos. I didn’t use any of that bonus the entire time I played at the casino. So before I left, I decided to bet a huge $50 on my lucky Black 13 number as my last bet of the night before I went home. The $50 was stored on my comps club card, so I could use that at the slot machines the next time I go, so I just used $50 in chips. Unfortunately (and expected), I lost the bet. Had I won this bet, I would have walked out with an additional $1750 and I would have been wagering free money that the expense of the casino. I literally had nothing to lose here!

This is a lesson that free bonus money really can make you a winning player and should be considered in your strategy, especially if you wager it all on a single bet like the straight up one.

How to become a better online roulette player

Since many people play roulette at online casinos and over the internet, it is only logical to post some advice on how to become a better player online. There are different aspects to playing the online version over the land based one. The rules of the game itself are all the same and you are still using the same types of strategies. Even the roulette systems for betting are still the same as well.

One of the big differences in the online game are the casino bonuses. They are usually much bigger than land based casinos, but there are usually strings and terms attached to them. If you find a good bonus, you should take advantage of it because it boosts your bankroll considerably and you could even profit from the bonus if you can hold out long enough on the minimum betting requirements.

Another tip here is to make most of your wagers on the bets that have a low house edge. That means a smaller slice of your money doesn’t disappear over the long term since you usually have to play for a while or make big bets in order to finally meet the terms and cut the strings from your bonus so you can withdraw your funds eventually. Essentially, these bonuses are all free money to take advantage of.

As I’ve said many other times, players online should also choose to play on a European or single zero roulette table. This will ensure much better odds on every single bet you make. In fact, the outside bets have a house edge of 2.70% vs the huge 5.6% edge on the American or double zero roulette wheel. You would actually be losing half as much money during the same amount of time according to the mathematical odds.

Probably one of the most important things to do is play the roulette game for free with no money. That way you can practice the games and understand the rules without risk to your money. You can also experiment with all the different systems that can be used online plus learn how to apply winning roulette tips with real money. Most importantly, you can become confident with the different kinds of roulette bets as well. All of this stuff can be done online with almost zero risk.

Just to make the online experience even better, some online casinos have live dealers. That means you can play roulette online with a large number of people all playing against the same dealer over a web cam! That way you can actually see a real roulette wheel and not have to worry about the game being rigged or the computer software not working fairly. Playing at these live tables can be beneficial as well and you may even be able to socialize with people over the internet as well and learn more tips from them as well.

First time players at the casino roulette wheels

Have you ever been to a land based “brick and mortar” casino and seen a roulette wheel, wanted to play and never did? This is something that many people have experienced as well. I’ve noticed that many people tend to shy away from playing at the roulette wheel and it seems to stem from a number of reasons. One reason tends to come from anxiety, shyness and not being confident in the game. There are a number of ways to get rid of the nervous feelings and eventually hitting up the tables.

The first thing to realize is just about everyone has had that feeling at one point or another. All the professionals had to start at some point or another and play roulette as the “new guy”. Plus you have to actually play and practice the game to get good at it.

For people who don’t even know how to play roulette, it’s easy to practice by playing online. You don’t even have to bet money either, basically you can visit our flash roulette game and play for free. That way you can practice the game and get comfortable with the rules and strategies in the comfort of your own home and at your own time. You can play by yourself in case you are worried about upsetting people. This is the way to get confident in the rules of the game.

Now if you are nervous do to social pressures in a real casino, the first thing to realize is that everyone at the table probably doesn’t know you. They will be concentrating on the game more than the other players. This will make it much easier for people to approach the table without the feeling that everyone’s attention is on you. After a short time and a few spins, you should be getting used to the game and warmed up enough. It can also help by bringing a friend along as well, especially if they know the game.

If you actually don’t know the game, just let everyone know that you don’t know how to play or ask the dealer. It’s actually the croupier’s (dealer) job to let everyone know what the rules are. You can ask the dealer at any time and they should be friendly with you, at least a good dealer should. If the dealer is rude and doesn’t want to take the time to answer a few quick questions, then you shouldn’t take any time giving them a tip!

Roulette is a social game so everyone is usually friendly and they see new players all the time. It is still good etiquette to not ask way too many questions to the players who are trying to play. A good word of advice is if you plan on asking tons of questions and taking a long time to think, then the best time to approach the table is when it is not as busy and gain experience with just one or two people playing (which is how I did it). Otherwise a great way to learn the game is to watch as a spectator by sitting at the rail. By the way, players do not have to bet on every single spin, they can sit out for a few spins and just watch the game, so you should never have to rush through and risk losing a ton of money.

Using the Fibonacci number sequence in gambling and betting systems

The Fibonacci sequence is actually a type of mathematical pattern that arises in science and nature time and time again. Ironically, this same pattern has been used as a betting system for casino games and gambling, including roulette. The pattern itself represents a type of growth or progressive expansion of a system and nearly everyone has heard about it since elementary school.

The pattern starts off with a single unit and begins to expand and grow as follows:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, …..

This pattern continues infinitely and there is actually a very simple way for you to determine the preceding numbers after the ones that I just displayed. All you need to do is add both preceding numbers to get the new one in the series. For example, 0 + 1

Using betting systems and different strategies at the casino

I went to the casino last night to try out some of the different roulette systems that I’ve been talking about over the past few days. The first thing I did was practice some of them online using the free flash roulette game. It didn’t take long to get a good grasp of how each one worked. After I tried them out, I confidently headed out the the casino in an attempt to play roulette.

I tried out the Paroli system first, which is the one where you double your bets after every win. It is the one where you also risk all of your profits. I really liked this one, but it really is unsafe and dissatisfying after you lose. I actually won 5 times in a row starting with a $5 bet for a profit of $155. Then I got greedy by trying to win 6 times in a row with a single $160 bet on red. As usual when a streak gets really big, I lost on the 6th wager and ended up with a net loss of $5…

The Paroli is great for getting a rush because roulette gets really exciting after the big money starts getting in and the streaks get longer. The key is trying to figure out when to quit. After losing, this big bet, I just decided to play some slots for awhile to cool off for awhile and get my mind in tune again after the big rush.

Next, I tried out the Parlay system. This one is exactly like the Paroli, except I decided to just wager 50% of my profits after consecutive wins. There wasn’t very many winning or losing streaks, maybe 2 or 3 in a row but that was it. When the results start getting spotty, these “streak dependent” systems don’t work too well. The good thing was the fact that I was keeping some of the profits after each win rather than risking them all. The bad part was that I wasn’t winning as much and the losses kind of offset the profits, so I didn’t lose as much. As expected, this system wasn’t very exciting but it wasn’t nearly as risky either.

Finally, I started using the 1-3-2-6 system. This one was really working well because the streaks were not very long, but they weren’t spotty either. The streak of 4 wins is quite common in games like roulette, especially last night. I made an original wager of $5 on black and then completed an entire cycle of 4 wins in a row for a profit of $60. It only took about 4 minutes to do! After the cycle was over, I started betting on red since I knew that was coming up soon. As soon as I did this, the ball landed on red 4 times in a row and I won an additional $60 profit! So I switched off to black again. Amazingly, the ball landed on red 2 more times (and I lost two times as well).

For awhile, the ball on the roulette wheel started landing on red or black in streaks of 1, 2 or 3 for awhile. It was kind of neutral where I was winning as much as I was losing and sort of breaking even. Every once in awhile the ball would land on green (single zero on European wheel) and everyone would lose (which is why zero tends to be known as the house number). I actually won about 5 of these 1-3-2-6 cycles, including a cycle where I used $10 instead of $5 units, giving me a $120 profit. All in all, I won $600 in profit at the casino and I believe the 1-3-2-6 is the best and funnest system to use that night!

Learn about the famous 1-3-2-6 betting strategy

Another one of the most popular betting systems is the 1-3-2-6 strategy, which is used greatly at casinos. You can practice this bet management style online and use it in roulette along with just about any other casino game. This system uses properties of positive progression but it also has a cycle to prevent people from betting all of their profits on longer and longer winning streaks, which causes them to lose all of their profits.

The 1-3-2-6 system works by having the player bet 1 chip or unit on the first roulette spin. If the player wins, they will bet 3 chips, then 2 chips and finally a grand 6 chips. That is if they keep winning consecutively. If they win after a 6 chip bet, the cycle starts over again starting with a 1 chip bet. As you can see, a player only needs to have a streak of 4 wins in order to gain the maximum profit.

This strategy seems to be the best “middle ground” strategy to use in roulette. It is sort of a mix between many other systems because you are increasing your bet 300% of your first bet, or 150% of your profits. Then after you win that, you actually decrease your bet by 50%, thus saving a

How to use the Paroli roulette system

I talked about the Parlay system yesterday and how the Paroli strategy is just a variation of the Parlay. The Paroli system can be used in roulette and just about any other gambling game. Again, this is a positive progression system where you increase your bet sizes as you win and lower them as you lose. This system benefits more often when there are winning streaks over consecutive spins of the wheel.

Now the part that makes the Paroli roulette system different than Parlay is the fact that you are now betting 100% of your profits after each win. If you think about it, this complete all-in double down of your bet is actually risky. You also need to come up with a stop point to your bet or you are always going to lose and I’ll explain why.

Let’s say you bet $10 again at your first spin of the roulette wheel. If you win, your next bet would be $20. If you win this bet as well, you would have a net profit of $30 from your original $10 bet. If you lose, you would have a net loss of $10. The problem and disadvantage of using this system is whenever you lose the game, you will always end up losing all of your profits plus your original bet. This is because you are going double or nothing on all of your bets. In the end, you can never win if you keep on betting because the house has the advantage in the long term.

So the strategy here is to make a mental note or condition that you will accept your profits and reset your betting system after say 4 or 5 wins in a row. That way you can keep the profits and then start over at the bottom of the ladder. For example, if your original bet was $10 and you used the Paroli system over a 5 win streak, your net profits would be $310! If you were to continue, your next bet would be a staggering $320 and you would be risking all of your profits plus your original bet. If you were to win 6 bets in a row, you would have a $630 profit, but it gets riskier since all winning streaks will come to an end at some point and you want to get out before then.

Most importantly: Use the Parlay, Paroli and any of these other free roulette betting systems on wagers with the best odds! That means outside bets like red/black, or odd/even. Basically bets with nearly 50/50 or 1:1 payout odds. All of these systems would be very costly and would not work well when betting on single numbers or wagering on inside bets since you will lose much more often than you will win, even though the payouts are higher. This would defeat the whole purpose of these systems.

How to use the free Parlay roulette system

I talked about the Parlay system awhile ago and how I used this as a bet management strategy. This system is free to use and it’s just a fundamental pattern of betting really. Parlay uses properties that are much safer than the Martingale system and they can be used in just about any other type of casino game, including roulette.

The Parlay strategy uses positive progression, which means that you increase the size of your bets as you win and decrease your bets as you lose. This is sometimes known as the pyramid system because each time you win, your next bet will be the same as your original wager plus an additional part of your profit.

There are actually variations of the Parlay betting system, which can also be used in roulette. For example, the Paroli system is one of the most extreme systems where you bet all of your profits on each bet after consecutive wins and I will talk about this in tomorrows blog post. The Parlay is just a general pattern of using parts of your profits on each bet. By that, I mean you can increase your bets by 25%, 50% or even 100%.

A good way to use this strategy is to use an even number sized bet, such as $2, $10 or $100, something that is easy to work with in ratios. For example, if you bet $10 and win, the next bet could be $15 if you wish to wager 50% of your profits, or $20 if you wish to use 100% of your profits (the Paroli method). If you lose, you automatically start off betting the minimum or original bet of $10 and work your way up the ladder once more.

The key to success when using the Parlay system is to get long streaks of wins. As long as their are equally sized winning and losing streaks, you are guaranteed to come out ahead because you will lose less money when you lose the wager, and win more money when you win the game because you are increasing your bets as you win more often. If there are scattered wins and losses, this strategy doesn’t work too well. It all just depends on luck and how your game is going.