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How to get better luck when playing roulette

This may seem like a strange topic but I have a very important tip that I can’t stress enough when playing roulette. Many people keep getting caught up in playing American roulette, which is a variation of the original game. Basically anyone who plays roulette on an American wheel actually has much worse luck than someone playing on a European or French roulette wheel. In fact, your luck can be nearly twice as bad due to the odds and I’ll explain this below.

Unfortunately, nearly all casinos in the US use American roulette wheels, which have two green slots with a single zero and double zero “0” and “00” numbers. It is this double zero that gives you bad luck because the European wheel only has a single zero. If you compare the odds, the house edge on the European roulette is 2.70% vs 5.26% on the American version. The difference is actually 2.56%, which makes the American roulette game a bad game for luck and you will lose your money twice as quick.

Many people reading this are probably saying “yeah, that’s common sense, you’ve said this all over your site”. The problem is there are many people who don’t know the difference between the wheels. People in the United States might just play on the American roulette table just because they are citizens of the country and play due to fanfare of their nationality. Realistically there isn’t much of a difference between the wheels except for that addition of the double zero green slot. There is absolutely no benefits to playing American roulette in terms of odds and chances of winning. Basically this game was invented in 19th century America during the gold rush out west when casinos wanted to get in and make a bigger piece of profit when everyone was rich with pockets full of gold! Nowadays, why play on this wheel where there are others with better odds? This game is almost like a novelty relic of casino games that many people never think about.

So if you think you are having some hard luck when playing roulette, check to make sure that you are not playing this American version of the game. If you find yourself playing on this variety, you can literally improve your odds and give yourself good luck or at least better luck on the European, French or single zero roulette game.

Went to a local casino last night and played roulette

I went over to the local casino nearby again and played some roulette. Basically I visit and gamble on the slot machines somewhat often. Sometimes it turns out being an exciting night with a lot of action and some nights just turn out being lame and others are terrible. Tonight was actually worthy of posting on the

Pro Bowl before Superbowl?

I found out recently that the pro bowl is going to be played before the Superbowl. The NFL commissioner seems to think this will draw a greater crowd and make the pro bowl successful. I thought I would say what I think about that. Basically all the top players and “pros” are pretty much going to the super bowl. In case you didn’t know, anyone who is going to the Superbowl will not be allowed to participate in the pro bowl. Obviously because they don’t want their players getting injured right before the Superbowl, which is far more important.

So what’s the point of calling it the pro bowl when all the best players are not going to be playing? I don’t get it and I think it’s a dumb decision.

Why you can never win at roulette in the long term

I thought this might be an informative topic to blog about. Many people think there is some strategy out there that can beat the system. It is true for something like blackjack where you can count cards to gain an edge, but that is different because each time the cards are dealt, you know a little extra information about what cards are still in the deck as you count the cards that are used up. This of course become obsolete online because the computer reshuffles the whole deck in a few seconds.

For roulette at land based casinos and online though, each spin has no memory or information of the previous spin. Basically every number on the wheel has an equal chance of being hit by the ball. Normally you would think that if you bet red or black, you would eventually break even because there are an equal number of black and red (50/50 odds) right? Well the thing that trumps all the strategies and betting systems is the green slot which holds a single zero “0”. Even though there is an equal number of each color or equal number of even and odd numbers, your odds are diminished because of this green slot.

Basically this is where the casino makes their money, it is essentially a house number but you can still bet on it. Your odds would normally be 50/50 if you bet on black and red. Over the long term though, every once in awhile, the ball will land in the green slot and everyone betting on black or red loses no matter what. In fact, this slot gives the casino a 2.70% house edge or profit margin on a European and French roulette wheel. On the American roulette wheel, there are TWO green slots with a double zero “00” in the other slot. This means the casino has more green slots in the mix and the ball lands on green more often. In this case, the house has a 5.26% edge over the players, meaning more profits over a shorter time. In fact, the strategy is to never play on an American roulette table, there are utterly no advantages! If you read my page explaining the history of roulette, this table was created way back during the United States gold rush of the 1800’s when casinos got greedy and wanted more money.

Also, the casinos pay out less than true odds so even if there was no green slots and there was a 50/50 absolute chance of landing on red and black, the casino would pay out odds less than 50:50 because they are a business for profit. Betting strategies do make the game more interesting and can sometimes help. For instance, a very rich person could benefit from the Martingale system as long as they didn’t have a astoundingly massive losing streak… Other systems manage your risk and your bankroll essentially but they do not turn roulette into a personal ATM.

Although, biased wheel computer software can really work, yet this is illegal in casinos of course and you can get in trouble if you get caught. It takes a lot of spins for the computer simulation software to select which numbers come up more often from a flaw in the engineering of the wheel. Joesph Jaggers did this in the 1800’s and won a ton of money in Monte Carlo because he was the first to discover a horrendously flawed wheel that let him win over a quarter million francs. This is pretty much the only way you could really win at roulette in the long run, unless of course you collaborate with the dealers and what not.

Most famous bets and wagers in roulette

I wrote a page awhile back about Ashley Revell, who is known for THE most famous wager in roulette history. You know the one, that bet where he sold everything he had and received donations during the publicity. Basically he bet over a hundred grand on a single color and actually won.

Well, I recently found a few other pages about other famous roulette bets and I decided there was enough information to make a new page listing a few of these in case anyone was interested. It’s actually quite fascinating how some of the bets played out. Of course, Ashley Revell will have a page of his own and the YouTube video of that bet.

I also added a few fictional bets (fake ones in movies) that you may have recognized in films and even a music video. I thought this was fitting for the roulette topic and so those were included to the nonfictional ones involving politicians, engineers and con artists. Some people have actually won more money than Ashley Revell in certain bets but many were due to cheating actions such as with biased wheels rather than pure luck. Check out the page if you are interested. I linked to it in the side bar on the right side of this blog or click here to read about the famous roulette bets. – Our New Roulette Blog

Greetings to all visitors.

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