Went to a local casino last night and played roulette

I went over to the local casino nearby again and played some roulette. Basically I visit and gamble on the slot machines somewhat often. Sometimes it turns out being an exciting night with a lot of action and some nights just turn out being lame and others are terrible. Tonight was actually worthy of posting on the  blog.

Basically I was playing roulette with a few people and made a side bet of $10 on the number 13 near the end of the night. Strangely, this is my lucky number. They rolled the ball and it actually landed on 13! Because of the odds, I ended up with $360. Now that’s not all!

That was enough for me to walk out with $20 profit. So I bet number 13. Lo and behold, the ball landed on 13 AGAIN! I walked away with about $1040 give or plus some change! The odds of the ball landing on 13 twice in a row is slim but this isn’t the only time this has happened to me. Even consecutive triples have happened.

By the way, this was a European or French wheel, which had the single zero, which had a house edge of 2.70%.