Where to find compatible online casinos for Macintosh computers

If you own a Macintosh or Apple “Mac” computers, you may have noticed how often online casino software is incompatible with this operating system. The explanation is simple actually and the solution is easy. I will tell you about two of the best casinos that I know of that are completely compatible with the Mac.

The story starts with why you can’t play online casino games on your Macintosh OS. The developers of this software designed their system around Windows. The reason is there are many more people using Windows than Mac, even though many more people are starting to switch. The developers of this software are starting to make versions available for Mac and even Linux. Most casino software doesn’t work because of the file types. Windows uses the “.exe” executable file extension to their applications and programs whereas the Macintosh uses a different setup.

Many people swear by their Mac as having better security than Windows. If you own a Mac, you may be surprised to know that the reason why security seems to be so good with the Mac is because computer hackers are more interested in targeting Windows because most people have that OS. There are too few people with a Mac for them to bother switching to a different coding and hacking style for the Mac! This is most certainly going to change in the future as more and more people switch.

OK, enough with the technical stuff, you are here on this blog looking for compatible Macintosh casinos online. CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot are Mac compatible and they are two of the best ones out there that I know of. They also accept US players believe it or not! So check them out. I know they are offering a $7,777 sign up bonus and the high roller bonuses were up to $35,000 the last time I looked. I also know they have tons of other promotions, but you can browse through all of them because they change too frequently to post all of them on this blog. Also, their games have some of the best graphics and smooth game play around, including their roulette.