I used a winning Parlay roulette system last night

I hit up the local casino again to try out some roulette strategies and systems. Basically it was a winning night for me this time. I also got around to playing some Baccarat, a few slot machines of course and a few hands of blackjack. The system I tried out was a positive progression system, which is very conservative and safe. It also doesn’t require a huge bankroll and doesn’t take on as much risk as the Martingale system I talked about yesterday.

This system is known as the Parlay betting system. Basically it’s the exact opposite of the Martingale and requires some of the same properties which rely on long streaks. Basically I started off by wagering $5 on black. Then if I lose, then I continue betting $5. If I win on this bet, my next bet is $10. If I win again, the next bet would go to $20, $40, $80 and so on.

Well, I didn’t play this roulette game very long and I walked out with a profit. The ball landed on black 4 times in a row giving me a profit of $80. Luckily I decided to stop doubling-down after 4 wins and start the cycle over with a $5 bet. I lost at this point and then lost a few more times before getting another streak that lasted 4 in a row, giving me a profit of about $150.

I was happy about how this strategy worked, but the key is to end the cycle at some point. It is imperative that you cut the cycle at some point because you will always lose in the long run and end up with a net $5 lose after every possible loss. I will write a little bit about this strategy some more later. Other than that, it was quite an exciting night!