Where to find compatible online casinos for Macintosh computers

If you own a Macintosh or Apple “Mac” computers, you may have noticed how often online casino software is incompatible with this operating system. The explanation is simple actually and the solution is easy. I will tell you about two of the best casinos that I know of that are completely compatible with the Mac.

The story starts with why you can’t play online casino games on your Macintosh OS. The developers of this software designed their system around Windows. The reason is there are many more people using Windows than Mac, even though many more people are starting to switch. The developers of this software are starting to make versions available for Mac and even Linux. Most casino software doesn’t work because of the file types. Windows uses the “.exe” executable file extension to their applications and programs whereas the Macintosh uses a different setup.

Many people swear by their Mac as having better security than Windows. If you own a Mac, you may be surprised to know that the reason why security seems to be so good with the Mac is because computer hackers are more interested in targeting Windows because most people have that OS. There are too few people with a Mac for them to bother switching to a different coding and hacking style for the Mac! This is most certainly going to change in the future as more and more people switch.

OK, enough with the technical stuff, you are here on this blog looking for compatible Macintosh casinos online. CasinoMax

Playing roulette at online casinos vs land-based “brick and motar” casinos

This topic is interesting for anyone who has never been to or played roulette at any casino. There are some massive differences between playing roulette or any other casino game online vs driving out to your local casino. Land based casinos and online casinos both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantage of playing over the internet is the fact that you don’t have to travel anywhere and you can actually gamble in your own home. That means no dressing up or driving for miles to get to a casino so you can play roulette. That same benefit is also a disadvantage though. Roulette is one of those “social” types of casino games, meaning you will miss out on meeting people and getting out of the house. It just depends on what type of person you are. Playing online can be great if you are sick of loud or drunk people.

Another advantage of playing at home is you can be doing anything else like chatting on facebook, watching TV or cooking up food. You also don’t need to think about etiquette. Another boon is the fact that many online casinos have a much wider variety of games. This is important because some American based casinos only have the American roulette wheel, which has those bad odds I keep talking about.

Still, even with the convenient online software, many people would prefer going to Las Vegas obvious. Vegas would have the ideal selection of games and extremely high betting limits, resorts and all the other great benefits. The problem is most people live 100s or even 1000s of miles away and Vegas is usually reserved for annual vacations. It’s costly even to just go to Vegas, not to mention having enough money to gamble for awhile. This is why online casinos are great for times when you just want to gamble every now and then.

Here are a few great online casinos with many different variations of roulette. CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot

I won big playing roulette and using a winning system

I took another trip down to the local land based casino again and tried out a roulette system I wrote about a few days ago. This time I tried out the Labouchere betting system. This is the one where you write down a series of numbers and cross them off after you win, or add the total of both sides of the series and add it to the end if you lose.

I made a list of numbers in order from 1 to 10 before even heading out to the casino and I used $5 denomination chips, so it was getting up towards high roller figures. I made a promise with myself that if the numbers add up and the series starts getting numbers like 20, then I would quit, just in case a bad night was happening.

So The first bet I made was with the number: 1+10 = 11 chips, or $55. I won this and marked off the 1 and 10 and added the next ones in line, 2 and 9 for another $55 bet. I was happy that I won 3 in a row. I was doing the common red vs black outside bets on the European roulette wheel for the best odds possible. Basically I lost a few and won a few and my series number never got above 13. All it would have taken was 5 wins in a row to complete the series and I would have won around $275 in about a half hour or so. I was on the roulette table for less than one hour and I walked away with over $400 in winnings, some of which came from other bets as well. All my numbers were crossed out and that was it.

This just shows how these betting systems and risk management strategies win in the short term and why it pays to walk away when you are ahead. Other than that, I played on nickel and quarter slots for about 3 hours and came out $50 on those, so this was a great profit and a great night to play!

Is online roulette and gambling at internet casinos illegal in the US?

According to the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, you may be surprised to know that it is not illegal. Basically, this law only applies to online gambling or casinos games, like roulette, that can be played over the internet. The players themselves are safe from receiving penalties and fines though.

Essentially, this law applied to the banks and credit card agencies like MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, ect. These companies are the ones that are targeted by the Anti-Gaming laws. The objective was to limit online gambling by cutting off the flow of money between customers and casinos. We all know that it would be against the US constitution to ban gambling to US citizens. As I stated in an earlier post, the government is beginning to reverse this law because of public outcry.

You may have noticed that this law is trying to work around the constitution in a sort of loophole by not directly punishing it’s citizens for wanting to gamble online. All they are doing is making it much harder for them to play by putting a squeeze on the money flow between customer and business, via payment methods. There are still plenty of other ways to deposit funds, but it won’t be nearly as easy because the major companies are being cracked down by this law. It is so inconvenient for some casino businesses to set up a system to accept the many smaller transaction companies that they just decided not to accept US players.

If you are located in the US, there are a couple great internet casinos of high quality to check out. A great one is CasinoMax

Have you heard of the Red Snake and Black Snake bets?

There are two very similar types of roulette bets that most people don’t know about but you hear them once in awhile at the roulette table. Actually, they aren’t very special but they sound arcane and use words in the usual gambling “slang” language. As you may have guessed, they are just bets based on the red or black colors on the roulette wheel.

People look at the table and see alternating colors along with numbers. You can actually see a connecting series of red colors, known as the Red Snake. There is also a series of black numbers that are connected to make up the Black Snake (sort of). Basically when you announce or call out these snake bets, the croupier will usually know what you are talking about.

I found a great picture on Wikipedia to illustrate which numbers to select in order to make a “Red Snake”. The numbers included in this bet are: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 24. Note that this doesn’t really improve your odds or anything, but it’s just peculiar type of bet to try and mix up the table a little bit. This is more part of the socializing and entertainment going on at the table. Though some people tend to use this for better luck. It just depends on how you are feeling and if you think this bet will be good. Most importantly, this bet is very convenient to the croupier because they know exactly what the snake is. It is much better announcing this bet rather than naming off each number one by one!

Red Snake Bet

Note that the Black Snake really isn’t official. Many people assume that since there is a red one, there must be an opposite black one. Notice that you cannot make a correct snake out of the black spots in the same shape as the red ones. For that, you would probably have to call out the numbers one by one, which could be annoying and tedious for the dealer. I would probably stay away from the black snake unless the dealer knows what to do here since there is no one way to do it like the red one.

The Labouchere roulette system for bet management

I’m going to talk a little bit about another famous free roulette system known as the Labouchere strategy. This is another one of those types of betting systems like the Martingale, Parlay and D’Alembert, which are all free to use and represent some pattern or style used in betting. First off, this is a negative progression type of strategy, but it is much more conservative and safer than the Martingale.

The characteristics of this system can be complex and you might want to bring a piece of paper or something in order to keep track. The Labouchere uses series of numbers that you need to keep track of. For instance, you can start off with the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each number will represent the number of chips you will bet on the table.

When you make your first bet, you will just need to add the numbers on both sides of the series or 1+5 = 6

Cheating at roulette using the “Top Hatting” strategy

Roulette is one of the hardest games that you can cheat with. It’s not as easy as cheating in blackjack, where you can count the cards yourself. You can cheat at craps if you build up dice control techniques, but how do you cheat at roulette when you have no control of the game events? You can’t touch the ball or the wheel, nor can you influence the game.

One common way is with biased wheels, which requires you to bring in some computer software and record winning numbers over a very long period of time. Nowadays, casinos have the best engineered wheels possible to prevent this and it’s very hard trying to conceal a computer and count numbers for a sufficient period of time.

Another way to cheat is know as Top Hatting. This is a type of collusion between

Reviewing some lessions while playing roulette

I took a trip to the casino last night again and played roulette for some time and visited a past lesson that seems to get a lot of people. In the end, I ended up losing all of my money, but the main cause wasn’t from not quiting at the right time. This time it was from losing my temper!

I was trying out some random betting systems on the roulette table and was having an average night. Then I started hitting a strange streak of losses. I started betting on black, a good odds outside bet. The ball landed on red 5 times in a row. So I started betting more money on black expecting the odds to shift and the ball to eventually land on black. Well, the ball landed on red a 6th time, then a 7th time. I started doubling my bets like the Martingale system in order to recoup my loses, but I kept losing.

Eventually I just decided to bet on red with a lot of money. Unfortunately it landed on black just at this time. So I continued betting on red for three more times and then the ball landed on black three more times! So I decided to switch off and bet on black once more. The ball landed on red! This was over 10 straight losses over alternating my bets over different colors. Eventually I just lost my temper and bet everything on black, and I lost of course…

There are two lessons here to remember. The first and most important one is to not lose your temper. It is easy to become frustrated after losing many times in a row. The second lesson here is to always stick to your system and not stray from it. The correct thing I should have done was to keep betting on black and it would eventually come. Not sticking to the system and becoming frustrated with bad outcomes is a bad combination that happens to many people. If you start getting angry, the best thing to do is walk away to a slot machine or another game for awhile to cool off. Otherwise this leads to aggressiveness and unsound strategy in a game where the odds are always against you. This is actually the number one reason people will lose all of their money in a short time.

5 more tips on how to be a better roulette player

These tips can be applied to more than just roulette. The tips that I am about to talk about can be used as a general guide to gambling at the casino and coming out being a winner. The first thing to mention is the fact that no one can actually win casino games in the long run and you will eventually lose everything, but if you follow these tips, you should coming out winning more often and becoming a good player.

Tip 1 – Play with money you can afford to lose. This one has been talked about for ages, but it is very important and helpful. No one likes playing with the stress of losing money they can’t afford and it ruins the whole fun of the game. In the end, this can be way too distracting to play a good game where the odds are always going to be with the house. Basically, you should come to the casino with the mindset that you will expect to lose everything and to just enjoy the recreation and entertainment, which is what gambling is all about.

Tip 2 – Know when to walk away. This is the key to winning at roulette or any other gambling game. Since you will always lose in the long term, then you must leave the game early in the short term when you are ahead. Ideally, you would have made a nice profit. You should be using some kind of benchmark or bankroll management system to gauge when you will walk away.

Tip 3 – Know when to quit. This tip is similar to the one just mentioned, but this one is for people who are on a losing streak. If you are hot, you are hot. If you are not, then

The difference between French vs European roulette

I’ve talked about French and European roulette being interchangeable with each other, but there is a difference between the two games. Legend says that roulette was invented in France, which is part of Europe, so many people assume it is the same game.

Both games use the same rules and both have a single zero, meaning the odds are better than the American version. The first difference is in the physical layouts of the table and wheel. In other versions, the wheel is usually on one side with a single table. In French roulette, the wheel is in between two tables. This fact makes it easier to spot in a casino. Also, the table is usually completely red and there are no black colors around the numbers, even though they are considered black. This is just part of the style and original version of the game.

As for the bets, everything is the same as the European version, except for a few additional types of bets that can work to your advantage. You may have come across the term “La Partage”. This is a rule that is nearly identical to the “En Prison” rule where a player will lose only half the bet when the ball lands on zero. I wrote about En Prison in an earlier post and you can read the full details of it here.

The biggest difference between the two game variations is that the French version has “call bets”. They are specific pre-made bets where players can bet on special groups of numbers ordered by their physical position on the wheel. I listed a few of the major call bets below with their original French names and translated into English:

Voisins du Zero – Neighbors of Zero: This bet covers 17 numbers surrounding the zero on the wheel as well as the zero itself.

Jeu Zero – Zero Game: This is similar to “Neighbors of Zeros” bet, but you are selecting only 7 numbers around zero and including zero.

Tiers du Cylindre – Third of the Wheel: This bet covers one third of the numbers on the wheel. Basically it’s the 12 numbers that are opposite of the zero slot.

Orphelins – Orphans: This is a bet on all of the numbers that were not included in the “Third of the Wheel” and “Neighbor of Zero” bet, which includes 8 numbers.

Finales – Finals: These are final bets that use the final digits of each number as a way to coordinate the bet. For example, if the player announces “Finales 5”, The numbers 5, 15, 25 and 35 would be wagered on. This would be allowed for any other number as well. Sometimes you are betting on 3 or 4 numbers at a time depending on which digit you select.

I hope this good Wikipedia image below will illustrate where these numbers are in respect to the positions on the wheel:
French Roulette Call Bet Numbers

If you are interested in this game and want to practice and try out these bets, play our free flash French roulette game with no download required, or go to CasinoMax